We are a Cloud Platform Engineering company

Our experienced team can work with yours to build automated, secure, observable and cost-effective cloud platforms to all levels of the cloud maturity model.

Start your ascent

Moving to the cloud is an adventure but it’s more akin to a long distance trek than a day of skydiving. With a strong foundation - automation, security, observability and cost management - your cloud platform can deliver value at regular milestones. We can help you start your ascent.

Lay a path

A mature platform should enable self-service for developers, engineers and other platform consumers. An Internal Developer Platform can help you to guide and standardise your engineering teams on design, implementation and operation of applications running on your platform. We can help you lay a path.

Help others follow safely

Engineering teams need fast and regular feedback to ensure the applications they’re building are safe, secure and meet the standards you’ve set for your platform. Integrating industry-trusted tools into DevOps processes - “shifting left” - is key to that. We can help you help others follow safely.

Built for purpose

We take time to understand the problem you’re trying to solve and use our experience to engineer a solution with you.

Ready to scale

We build platforms that take advantage of cloud native capabilities to scale up and down as your applications require.

Automated from the ground up

We advocate best practices underpinned by a ‘code first’ approach to building and operating cloud platforms.


Start something epic

Our experienced team can work with yours along any part of your cloud maturity journey from Base Camp to Summit.

  • Base Camp: Architectural standards, compliance policies and access control model defined
  • Camp 1: Automated Infrastructure as Code deploy CI/CD pipelines running
  • Camp 2: Automated application build, test and deploy CI/CD pipelines running
  • Camp 3: SAST, software supply chain security and FinOps tooling integrated into CI/CD pipelines
  • Camp 4: Advanced single source of truth deployment mechanism to manage and promote between environments running
  • Summit: Full internal developer platform available

Why Frontier Digital?

  • We have a wide range of expertise in all areas of cloud computing and automation and have delivered automated, secure, observable and cost-effective cloud platforms all over the world.
  • We believe in using the right tool for the job, whether it’s open source, off the shelf or something more bespoke.
  • We are passionate about delivering incremental value following agile methodologies, with short feedback loops and a focus on continuous improvement.
  • We have security at the front of our minds, partnering with industry experts to ensure that the platforms we build and operate are secure - and stay that way.

  • Automation is in our DNA

  • We live and breathe "everything as code"

Git is our favourite source of truth

We work with